Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ooty Places to Visit

The Race Course

An important place located in the central part of udagamandalam. usually horse races is conducted in summer season, from April to June. The main reason Behind the time of occurrence of this sport event is that, In summer due to vacation and to enjoy the cool climate people use to come large in numbers.

Upper Bhavani

This spot is at a distance of 60 km form ooty. But from avalanche it is some what nearer at a distance of 20 km. Unlike other places of ooty this is spot is filled with undisturbed wild Habitat. Trekking the valleys from Bhangithappal via Sispera is an immersive pleasure.

Wenlock Downs

Compared to other parts of udagamandalam, this Region could be seen with some Modern establishments, The Hindustan photo Films Company is one among them which adds pride to our country. Other important places to visit here are the government sheep farm and the Gymkhana club. This club is a marked placed for sports like Golf and Tennis. Loitering on the long roads of this spot is an extremely different and Joyous experience.

Western Catchments

Distance of this place from ooty is about 20 km. Beautiful and eye-catching place consisting of meadows down the valley. The depression a point of this valley is fully occupied by grasses offering a green carpet as a symbol of country’s Green Revolution. A Nice hunt for cameras.

Kandal cross

It is a Roman catholic church. The cross in every Roman Catholic Church is believed to have the same power as the cross, in which Jesus Christ was crucified. This was brought in the period apostle’s empire. Every Friday special prayers are been reformed.

The Museum

A very beautiful collection of rare thing could be seen in this museum. It was established in the year 1989. Some important preserved things in this museum are kuruinji flowers, rare insects, timber, stone sculptures, Bronze sculptures, model of toda’s residential places (huts) and more. The curator of museums maintains this museum.

Kurthukulli Guiness Record village

Nature has given an eminent place in its record book for ooty. Besides the natural beauty and pride a village near ooty called Kurthukulli has fetched guiness world record title to ooty. An event of Planting 42,184 saplings in an area of 72 acres at a time spell of 24 hours, is that record attempt which overtook the prior record of planting 34,083 saplings in the same time ( That was done in Canada) This victory was achieved with the help of 300 volunteers from all around the village.

Ooty Places to Visit

Ooty, dotted with some of the most spectacular views that one can imagine, not only offers respite from the hustle and bustle of the city but also gives you a chance to enjoy nature’s beauty in its purest form. There are numerous tourist destinations in Ooty. The lush green hills, the sparkling lakes and the cascading water falls make Ooty every tourist’s delight. An enigma waiting to unfold, a trip to Ooty remains an experience of a lifetime.

Botanical Garden

The mountains, valleys, lakes and a rich wild life make Ooty an ideal tourist spot. The tea and tourism festival is also a major tourist attraction in Ooty. The summer festival held in the month of May is also an important part of Ooty tourism. Ooty is ideal for adventure activities like trekking, hang gliding, angling and fishing.

Some of the tourist destinations in Ooty:

Botanical Gardens: A must visit when you are on a sight seeing tour. Sprawled over an area of 50 acres, the garden lies on the lower slopes of Dodabetta peak. Botanical garden was laid out in 1847 and is home to 650 species of plants and trees. Don’t forget to take a look at the 20 million old fossil of a tree. The famous summer festival is held here a very year. The garden is a wonderful place for taking a walk among the greenery.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Greek Island Guides

Most travelers to Greece want to visit the Greek Islands. This page has links to my individual island guides. If you are not sure which Greek Island you want to visit then visit my Greek Island Synopsis which has a paragraph or so on each island and then links to more detailed information. There are some links to practical pages at the bottom of this page such as ferry schedules, suggested itineraries and the famous.

Greece Travel Guide 2011

Why Travel to Greece?

Is it the history that draws us to Greece? The land that has given us the Acropolis and Delphi and Olympia has been attracting tourists for 200 years since the days of Lord Elgin. Could it be the Greek islands? Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Paros, Naxos and Rhodes with their beautiful beaches, restaurants, nightlife and archaeological sites have been popular for decades. Or lesser known islands like Sifnos, Lesvos, Kea that have always been attractive to those looking for a more quiet escape. Maybe it is the allure of the Peloponessos with its high mountains and beautiful coast, its rich history and the seaports of Gythion and Napflion which have sent sailors all over the world for centuries. Could it be the Greek food? Maybe the weather in Greece where they say there are 300 days of sunshine, most of it between May and November. Maybe it is the spiritual quality of places like Meteora where centuries old monasteries crown giant rocks.

I think the reason Greece is popular is because it is somehow familiar while at the same time exotic. Whether this familiarity comes from studying the ancient Greeks in school or something deeper or more spiritual I don't know. I can't begin to count all the e-mails from people who have written that they have always had an attraction to Greece and once they had visited felt they somehow belonged there. Places were as familiar as if they had once been home. It is not chance that the slogan for the Athens 2004 Olympics was 'Welcome Home'. It was not just a homecoming for the Olympics themselves but for all those visiting the place that has much to do with who we are today. And maybe some of us once walked the streets of ancient Athens with Socrates and Plato.

For me writing about Greece is not a job. It is like a higher calling. If one's duty on earth is to awaken those around him and so awaken himself what better tool is there than Greece? For those of us who spend long hours a day working or involved in the routine of modern life Greece is an awakening. It reminds us that we are alive. I hope that my Greece Travel Guides awaken something in you that brings you back to Greece.